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Net Control Station Information

Interested in knowing how a good NCS (Net Control Station) operates and keeps track of operators checking in? 

Each Sunday Night at 8 pm, our Waupaca County ARES/Skywarn Net meets on 

the 146.925 Repeater

P/L tone 118.8

Our Net Control Station listens carefully and makes every effort to get the call letters of the check-in right.  The Net Control Station Operator greets each check-in as a friend, moderates the action, and passes traffic while maintaining order.

A simple list of check-ins with notes about who has traffic, what the traffic is, who's on short time, who's coming from and going to other levels of the NTS, are all tasks performed by the NCS operator.  At the end of the Net, the NCS operator then diligently submits the Net Report to WB9GBG (Dave) for recordkeeping purposes.

If you feel you are interested in becoming a NCS operator, contact WB9GBG (Dave) to be added to the NCS list for our Sunday Night Nets.  We want your participation!

Become a NCS Operator

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Tech Net Flyer with 730 pm time.jpg

Sunday Night Nets Start at 8 pm each Sunday Night on the 146.925 repeater, PL 118.8

Wednesday Night Tech Nets start at 7:30 pm each Wednesday on the 146.925 repeater, PL 118.8

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Print a copy of the Weekly HF Net Message  Here

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