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Waupaca County ARES
Amateur Radio Emergency Communications


KX9RT VHF Repeater -- Video Tour

Waupaca County ARES/RACES Members
Participate in the 2023 Wisconsin QSO Party

Rattlegram Videos

During the Waupaca County ARES RACES February 2023 Monthly Meeting, member KD9QQR (Rick) gave a presentation on how to use Rattlegram's App to transmit and receive handheld radios audio to text messages (SMS) on smartphones.

Rick and other members watched Rattlegram's YouTube Video and then practiced digital modes and concepts learned about Rattlegram.

Winter Field Day 2023

Waupaca County ARES|RACES Winter Field Day 2023 Videos --- January 28, 2023

To View More Videos of Winter Field Day 2023--Check Out
YouTube Channel

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Want to Learn Morse Code?





Dan Weggel has an easy, unique way of teaching Morse Code (CW) and offers to teach classes on Morse Code to our Waupaca County ARES/RACES members.

Connect with Dan (N9SWA) through our Facebook account, on Dan's YouTube Channel, or on the air!

Share Amateur Radio Photos 

If you attend any of our events or have amateur radio related photos or videos to share with our club, please send them to our club's website administrator


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