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     Each month the Waupaca County ARES/RACES meet at the Waupaca County Courthouse EOC room for a monthly meeting. 

     During the monthly meetings, we invite presenters to present topics that are interesting for the members to learn about.   If you have a presentation you would like to share with our group, please feel free to contact EC, Chuck Fritz (AC9F) to get it scheduled for one of the Waupaca County ARES/RACES meetings.

     If you presentation is a slide presentation, we will also share it on this website page for anyone who was unable to attend the meeting.

AuxComm Presentation - November 2023 Monthly Meeting
By  (KD9WRY),  (KD9RMZ),  (AB9CQ) and (K9STN)
KX9RT Repeater Presentation
By Scott Zastoupil (KX9RT)

To listen to the above video, unmute the mute button on the bottom of the video.
Follow along with the video above with Scott's Presentation that can be found below:

Print a copy of the above presentation by clicking on the PDF icon and print it to a printer.

By David Wedde (KD9VOF)
Magnetic Loop Antenna
By Rick Hutchison, KD9QQR

Video of this presentation will be available on the Waupaca County ARES/RACES YouTube Channel soon! 

Please visit:

Logging Software Presentation

This Presentation was presented at the Waupaca County ARES/RACES meeting on Thursday, April 13, 2023.Please Click on the image to the right to download a copy of the presentation.

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