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Please Join The
Waupaca County ARES
Build Project Day


Band Pass Filters.png

Band Pass Filters ~ Saturday, April 13, 2024  ~  Starting at 3 pm

Build Location:  Sabertooth Enterprises,  1439 Churchill St Suite 202, Waupaca, WI 54981

2 Meter Copper J-Pole Antenna

2 meter copper jpole.png

A video and photos will be coming soon of the build on Saturday, February 10th, 2024.

HF Multi-Band
Linked Dipole
Antenna Build
October 2023

     HF Bands     

28.5     MHz
15M    21.300 MHz
20M    14.280 MHz

40M    7.240   MHz
80M    3.9       MHz


Note:   15M is a harmonic of 40M

Watch the video on W-C ARES YouTube Channel:  Click Here

HF Multi-Band
Linked Dipole
Antenna Finished

Multiband Linked Dipole Finished Image.jpg

2-Meter Half-Wave
J-Pole Antenna

Did you miss the Waupaca County ARES/RACES

2-Meter Half-Wave J-Pole Antenna Build Day?

Click on the flyer image to the left to download and open the PowerPoint Presentation Instructions for building your own antenna.

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